Meet Josh

The Entertainer

           Josh Olson started playing golf at age six, learning his way around the greens as his dad built homes on the many golf courses in the area. "I loved it from the start," he says. "My dad cut down an old 5 iron and putter and I beat golf balls around the course."
           Now a Golf Entertainer, Long Drive Professional and PING-endorsed Trick Shot Artist, Josh is one of the world's premier golf entertainers, with over 550 shows to his credit. Using his long drives, trick shots and humor, he captivates and entertains audiences worldwide, appearing on ESPN, BBC, ABC, CBS, Golf Channel and Fox Sports. Some of his clients include Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus, UBS, HSBC, Citi Bank, Barclays Wealth, United Way and Tulsa Dream Center.
           Over the last fifteen years, Josh has consulted, produced and entertained in more than 1,000 golf events. During a Power & Trick Shot Show, audiences are amazed to see Josh hit a putter over 250 yards, swing a driver that is over 9 feet long, pop a golf ball out of his mouth and drive it 275 yards, and hit a ball 200 miles per hour through a piece of plywood. Finally, Josh goes for extreme distance when he uses his 145 mph club-head speed to blast drives over 400 yards and even the unthinkable 500 yards.
"I am always tinkering with something new," says Josh. "I usually work on new things while I warm up for a show – many of the shots I have hit actually come on the fly during a show." He is currently working on a trick that involves five volunteers tossing balls simultaneously from different directions. 
The Power Hitter
           An accomplished amateur and tour player, Josh's professional pursuits have also taken him into the sport of Long Drive. Recording 8 drives over 500 yards, Josh has proven his ability to compete on Long Drive's biggest stages. "The secret to my extreme distance is in my hands. I can teach anyone to hit it further with the fundamentals of the golf swing, but the last piece that is unexplainable is in my hands," says Josh.
The Golf Coach
           Josh has spent the last decade pursuing the mystery of golf, seeking out the best instructors to improve his own game and to share the art and skill of the game with his clients. An inspiring instructor, Josh loves to coach amateur golfers and long drive competitors through academies and clinics.
The Leader 
           Over the last fifteen years, including six years of full-time golf entertainment, Josh has consulted, produced and entertained in more than 1000 golf events. He is the Founder and President of Drive The Distance Golf, a non-profit organization that inspires men to build life-changing friendships through golf. Drive The Distance Golf performs motivational trick shot shows and offers golf tournaments, training and resources to show men how to use their passion for golf to build life-changing, character-forming friendships.
           Josh also produces the World Impact Church Challenge, a golf tournament and exhibition designed to challenge men to drive the distance in golf and in life. The grand prize for the tournament is an all expense paid golf outreach trip to Hong Kong and China.
The Friend
           Josh loves being a friend and helping someone make a new friend. He lives to bless others. Relationship Rule #1 for Josh is summed up in this quote: "People will never remember what you do or what you say, but they will always remember how you made them feel."
Find out how you can have Josh entertain and teach at your next event! All he needs is a little room, a few golf balls and some people who love to have a great time!