Feedback From Our Fans

"Golf artist Josh Olson is a real artist. He is able to do things with golf balls normal human beings can't even dream about. He interests and amuses his public, both young and old. In addition he hits it so far the ball goes out of sight."
Patrick Buteux, Special Events Manager
Omega Watches
"The performance of Josh during the Final of our Mercedes-Benz Golf Trophy in China with more than 300 players was amazing. All players could almost not believe what they saw. Additionally, they all enjoyed his training sessions and tips on the golf course. Thank you for this fantastic experience on behalf of the Mercedes-Benz family in China."
Klaus Maier, President & CEO
Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd
" As an ambassador for the Tim Brown Browser and Life Skills Alliance, Josh Olson has been a tremendous asset. He represents our organization around the world and it is a pleasure to have him as part of our team. Josh entertained my guests at a benefit tournament I hosted for "911 for Kids". He was fantastic! All the participants will talk about the shots they saw Josh hit for the rest of their life. He is truly a professional in everything he does, but also has the ability to include everyone around him. People respond to his charismatic personality that leaves them with a positive lasting impression. He is a team player and I look forward to working with Josh in the coming years. I would highly endorse his involvement with any event."
Tim Brown 
 NFL Hall of Fame
Notre Dame Hall of Fame
Heisman Trophy
" Wow, it was a fantastic experience having you at our tournament. Our clients continue to thank us for bringing you in. Thank you for making our day the greatest success in the history of our tournament."
Frank Jefferson, Events Director
Porsche Motors Ltd.
" Our golf tournament at Discover Bay has been a small way we say thank you to our vendors and clients. In the past Thomas Bjorn has done a great job adding some appeal to the event. The response we have gotten this year has been the best ever. You were a huge hit. Our clients will talk about this for years. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to using you in the future."
Charles Wellins, CEO
Maersk – Hong Kong
"There we were. Just a bunch of men ready for a Golf Tournament to raise funds for our missions project. Then prior to a shotgun start Josh steps on to the driving range and begins his Golf Exhibition. At first everyone was taken back by the amazing things he can do with a golf ball. Most of us had never seen anyone do so many amazing things with a golf club. After a few moments, we all began to realize this was more than a man who has been gifted with an incredible golfing skill, but someone who has learned how to embrace a crowd. We loved the way he involved several people from the crowd. Quickly it turned into an exhibition about "us" more than it was about "him". We thoroughly enjoyed having Josh at our Golf event. But his greatest contribution wasn't his golfing skills – it was his personality and his ability to include everyone in his exhibition. Anyone can go to an "event," but it takes someone with a compassion for others and a desire to impact their life positively that makes it an experience. The men still talk about the success of our tournament and the role Josh played in making it more than just a "day of golf." Anyone including Josh in their event will be extremely grateful they did."
David Mewbourne, Pastor
Claremore Assembly of God
" Wow! As long as we have an event you will be a part of it. I can't begin to describe the feedback we are getting. We appreciate you taking the time to teach some practical golf instruction. In my 20 years as a scratch golfer you explain the golf swing better that anyone I have ever met. Your God-given talents have really made our tournament a day to remember." 
Mark Hilton, Events Director
Sheridan Resorts
" Your participation in our fundraising golf tournament has resulted in the largest donations we have ever received. We would like to schedule you for our next event. I appreciate your professionalism and would highly recommend you to anyone hosting a golf event." 
Matthew Erwin PhD.
Muscular Dystrophy
" Thank you so much for blessing our tournament. Having you there made such a difference. People are STILL talking about your amazing demonstration. Looking forward to getting my fancy new club. First new club I have ever bought. Keep it straight and long, God bless you and your entire family" 
Garron Smith, Director 
Cedar Park Christian School
" Just want to thank you again for helping me gain a few more yards and a ton of consistency with my long drivers. You helped make practicing fun before I went to the ReMax world contest last October. Anytime I think I'm pretty long I only have to think of Josh hitting it 30 yards by me and I'm back to exercising and practicing. You explain the rotation move better than anybody I've known. I think you are a great teacher at any level and especially at the top because your knowledge of the golf swing is outstanding. I hope you are blessed this year and in the future with not only your golf, but also your family and your personal life." 
Dean Strand
Windemere Real Estate
" You were a tremendous blessing to the tournament. You have a special gift and a heart of gold. Thank you for sharing your special skills with." 
Elise Kim, Executive Director & CEO
Athletes & Entertainers for Kids
9-1-1 for Kids
"Fantastic demonstration on longest drive! Josh is a great golf entertainer. Feedback from our event is unbelievable. Josh's participation has really made our tournament a great occasion to remember. We were all inspired by his humor, power drives and unique golf tricks. I appreciate his professionalism. He was great!" 
Nigel Sze, Chief Executive, Asia
Private Banking
Barclays Wealth
"I have to admit we were all a little nervous spending the extra money to have a golf entertainer for our event. Much to our delight you far exceeded our expectations."
Karen Williams
Eagle Creek Promotions
"When our youth saw your amazing demonstration and heard your story, it really impacted them. After you hit the ball through a watermelon you had all our attention. Not an easy task with 50 kids. I think using your platform to inspire youth is what made having you so special." 
Jeremy Jackson
First Tee & Franklin Memorial Hospital
"Feedback from our event this year is unbelievable. In the last couple of years the number of participants in our tournament has been dropping. Having you come was the best decision we could have made. We have people wanting to sign up for next year's event right now. Thanks again for coming. You were great!" 
Jerry Helms, Director
Cancer Research
"Thank you so very much for performing your golf show in Moscow, Russia. Your golf show is truly incredible. The publicity your golf show attracted in Russia in both printed and electronic media is unprecedented – no less than 5,000,000 in scope." 
Sasha Tsutserov, PH.D.
Member Moscow Country Club
Director Moscos Evangelical Christian Seminary
"Thank you for your integral role in making Shared Hope International's Golf Tournament of Hope such a success by taking the time to come out and show us your amazing talent and skill as a golfer. Your performance was incredible and was such an asset to the day. We've hear nothing but rave reviews from our dinner guests and golfers." 
Linda Smith, Founder & Executive Director
Shared Hope International
"I met Josh at a Barclay's Wealth Management event in Phuket, Thailand where Josh gave us a demonstration on long driving. Not only was Josh very entertaining, he also brought a wonderful personality that mixed in well with all of Barclay's guests." 
Bernard S.Y. Fung, Chairman & CEO
Asia Pacific
"I have used Josh for several years and would highly recommend him for any golf event. Josh has done his exhibition for me in many different settings and has always done a great job. He comes prepared and is able to read and relate to his crowd. You can count on Josh to make your event come alive. He has many ideas as to how to best use his talents so that you will be a success." 
Keith Elder, VP Student Affairs
Trinity Bible College
"Thanks again Josh for coming to support our efforts to reach more people with our message. I have received numerous comments on your show/demonstration. Several players have already decided to come back next year just to get in on the show. Everyone particularly enjoyed the putter drive as well as hitting the ball while the gentleman was holding it up just above his head. Everything was so much fun to watch. Hitting the ball through the wood was very impressive and a great way to end." 
Wendell Hope
Tulsa Dream Center
Victory Christian Center
"Josh Olson participated in our 1st annual golf fundraiser last year. He was unlike any golfer I had ever "experienced". He is undoubtedly gifted, extremely humorous and instantly loved by the audience. He downloads 110% of his knowledge, skill and an inspiring message to the golfers in a long drive demonstration, as well as individually, on the course." 
Christina Hood, Tournament Coordinator
Tulsa Dream Center