DTD Golf

Drive The Distance Golf entertains and energizes people worldwide through motivational Golf Shows, custom Golf Outings, powerful Golf Clinics, effective Fundraisers and inspiring Speaking & Indoor Events

Drive The Distance Golf began in 2003 as a golf exhibition with a inspirational message. That message has now been shared with millions of people in 13 countries and 167 cities through 550 corporate, nonprofit and church golf eventes, as well as through television appearances on ESPN, BBC Golf Channel, ABC, CBS, Fox Sports and many other international networks.
"It seemed each event led to another one and before I knew it I was traveling all over the world," says founder and golf entertainer Josh Olson of the early days of Drive The Distance Golf. "It has really surprised me that Drive The Distance has had such an impact and influence worldwide. It's hard to believe a kid from the mountains of Montana can have the opportunities to entertain and influence some of the most powerful men in the world."
"Everything I do involves people," says Olson. "If I can get them laughing and having a good time at an event, then I have succeeded. Every event is different, but my goal is always to integrate into the group so the 'show' is as much about them."
Ready to supercharge your next event and leave a lasting impression? Contact Josh Olson at 864.402.0380 or submit the request form and help your staff, customers and guests learn to drive the distance!