About Us

      Drive The Distance Golf began in 2003 as a golf exhibition with an inspirational message, which has been shared with millions of people in 15 countries and 42 US states through 550 corporate, nonprofit and church golf events, as well as through television appearances on ESPN, BBC, Golf Channel, ABC, CBS, Fox Sports and numerous other international networks.

Humor & Trick Shots
      Utilizing the humor, trick shot and long drive talents of Founder and Golf Entertainer, Josh Olson, the program spread worldwide helping companies and their employees and guests build business and personal relationships on the golf course. First, Josh connects with event participants and captures their attention through an entertaining trick shot show. Then, he challenges them to drive the distance in their golf game, their character and their relationships by paralleling golf truths with life truths. Finally, Josh encourages them to create a lifestyle by using their passion for golf to build life-changing friendships.
What's in a Name?
      Our name, Drive The Distance Golf represents Josh Olson's ability to drive a golf ball an amazing distance, and the goal to strengthen men to drive the distance in their character and relationships. Drive The Distance means we live well, lead well and finish strong. Golf means we have fun doing it together.
Join the Team
      So, if you're a golf-crazy guy we're calling you out. Join the Drive The Distance Golf team – a network of men passionate about using golf to build life-changing, character-forming friendships. For more information call us at 864.221.8425.