Friendship Golf

Get plugged in through Friendship Golf. Our mission at Drive The Distance Golf is to inspire men to build life-changing, character-forming friendships through golf.

Friendship Golf is simply golf with a purpose. When you combine your passion for golf and your commitment to help others, you can change one life this month, this season, this year by using golf as a tool to build quality friendships.
Learn how through the resources on this website, by participating in Drive The Distance Golf events or by inviting Josh to a golf outing in your area. Event ideas include local friendship golf days, tournaments, clinics, speciality golf outings, retreats or workshops hosted in your area.
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What is Friendship Golf?
It's simply playing golf with a few buddies on a regular basis or inviting some guys to play in a local golf event with the intentional goal of building life-changing friendships.
Who are the buddies?
Guys from work, friends from church, your neighbors, your sons….guys who would benefit from your mentoring to live meaningful, happy lives and guys who can encourage and challenge you to live well. You decide.
What does "on a regular basis" mean?
Playing together weekly or every other week from 6 weeks to 6 months. It means spending enough time together on the golf course and before or after the game to build deeper relationships.
What is an intentional goal?
Playing golf with the goal to….improve your game, make friends, encourage each other and share your values.
What are life-changing friendships?
These are friendships that inspire you to live well, enjoy life, love your family, strengthen your character and grow in your integrity and values.


Join the worldwide network of men who are passionate about using golf as a tool for friendship and to challenge one another to live well.

For more info call 864.221.8425