We appreciate our friends and partners who support Drive The Distance Golf.

A family-owned company, PING was founded in 1959 in the garage of Karsten Solheim. Karsten's frustration with his putting inspired him to design a putter, which made a "pinging" sound when striking a golf ball. PING is synonymous with innovation, quality and service in the world of golf.
Logos Imaging
The first company to market a truly portable computed radiography product to the security community reponsible for explosive ordinance disposal and improvised explosive device disposal. Their new Digital Imaging System offers users a lightweight, larger format alternative to the instant print film systems currently in use worldwide.
Team Mannatech
Are you a spectator or in the game? Team Mannatech wants to help you enjoy life more, look and feel your best, and experience the rewards living a healthy lifestyle can offer. 
Junior Fit
Promoting performance through fitness, JuniorFit educates young golfers on the importance of exercise and nutrition and empowers them to take control of their personal fitness, which not only prepares them for exceptional golf but also for exceptional life habits.
Every number has a story, what's yours? The pros customize the number on their balls. Now, you can tell your own story by personalizing TaylorMade TP Red and TP Black balls.
Old Pro Resources
In life, as in golf, we benefit when an "Old Pro" teaches us the fundamentals. Their mission is to make more friends of Christ by sharing the story of the "Ultimate Mulligan".