Q: What is a Golf Entertainer?
A:  A Golf Entertainer is Josh Olson. He steps on the stage (outdoor or indoor) and instantly captures everyone's attention. Then, he uses his amazing ability with a golf club, his welcoming personality and his unique sense of humor to entertain audiences from one to thousands. People just keep saying, "Wow!" "That was fun and amazing!" "Unbelievable!" "When are you coming back?"
Q: Why would I want to hire Josh?
A:  Josh can change your golf outing from ordinary to extraordinary. He adds the "extra" to help you create a 5-Star Event. When you hire Josh he gives 110% to transform your event into an experience that people love, tell their friends about and look forward to the next one. Josh can help you increase attendance, raise more money, improve the quality of your event, get people involved, make your message stick and leave a lasting impression.
Q: How do I use Josh during my event?
A:  Typically, Josh kicks off your event with a Power & Trick Shot Show on the driving range. The Show can also be done at the end of the round. However, we've learned that when you start your event with Josh's Show, it transforms the fun and interaction during the whole day for your players. During the round, Josh is on the course – either roaming between groups or set up on a par five hole – where he hits drives for each group, shares golf tips and keeps them laughing. Often the groups pay a small fee to use Josh's long drive and that money goes to the charity. Finally, Josh helps with the Awards Presentation and Auction and depending on the event he will host a Q&A session and give a keynote presentation.
Q: What does Josh do during a Power & Trick Shot Show?
A:  Every Show is a work of art unique to the group and the setting where Josh is entertaining. However, every Show includes four key elements – fun, entertainment with power and tricks, instruction and inspiration. Josh draws from over 60 unique power drives and trick shots to craft a show that always leaves the audience shaking their heads in amazement. Then, he mixes in a healthy dose of fun and humor. His goal is to get the most serious person in the crowd to at least smile. Finally, he adds just the right amount of expert golf instruction to improve everyone's game and inspires people to live meaningful, happy lives.
Q: How long does the Power & Trick Shot Show last?
A:  The Show ranges from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the event schedule. A 30 minute Show is enough time for a variety of long drives and trick shots with a healthy dose of humor. A 45 minute Show allows time to get the audience more involved, which ramps up the fun. A 60 minute show adds more golf tips to help the players improve their game. Shows longer than 60 minutes triples the fun, increases the variety of shots and includes a golf clinic.
Q: What kind of events does Josh do?
A:  From companies entertaining new clients and prospects to corporate recognition outings and charity fundraisers to trade shows and private parties to stage shows for thousands and individual playing lessons, Josh can entertain, instruct and inspire in all kinds of settings for all kinds of reasons.
Q: Will you give me ideas on how to improve my event?
A:  Yes. During your first conversation about hiring Josh, one of our team members will learn about your event and can give you some tips as a part of our free consultation. When you book Josh for your event, he also includes three 30-minute phone consultations to help you with your event. For extensive guidance to create, plan or transform your event, Josh provides fee-based consulting.
Q: Do you provide marketing materials to help me promote Josh?
A:  Yes. We have press releases, program announcements, posters and photos you can use to let people know Josh is coming. Josh also gives great interviews for media promotions.
Q: May I call people who have used you before to get their feedback?
A:  Absolutely – we have a list of raving fans that would be happy to talk with you. Please fill out the request form or call 864.221.8425 and ask for our Raving Fans List.
Q: How do I contact you for available times and dates?
A:  Fill out and submit the request form or call our office at 864.221.8425.