Trick Shot Golf

Wow! Unbelievable! Amazing!
      That's what people say when they see Josh Olson hit a putter over 250 yards, swing a driver that is over 9 feet long, pop a golf ball from his mouth and drive it 275 yards right out of the air and hit a ball 200 miles per hour through a piece of plywood. Finally, Josh goes for extreme distance as he uses his 145 mph club head speed to blast drives over 400 and even the unthinkable 500 yards.
      With his long drives, trick shots and humor, Josh amazes and entertains audiences around the world and has appeared on ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS, ABC and the BBC.
      Why does Josh enjoy doing exhibitions? "I love people," he says. "The interaction is addicting. There is nothing better than making people laugh. People will never remember what you do or what you say, but they will always remember how you make them feel."
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