Golf Shows

Power & Trick Shot Shows

A Golf Show is a power and trick shot demonstration that turns your event into a unique, fun-filled golf experience. Using Josh's gift as a long drive professional and golf entertainer, Drive the Distance partners with your organization to supercharge your event.
Not only can Josh hit a golf ball further than people could ever imagine, he uses humor and his unique bag of tricks to entertain people as well. Throughout the show he parallels the fundamentals of a good golf swing with how to succeed in life. After people have seen Josh hit a ball more than 400 yards, swing a club that is over 9 feet long or hit a ball 200 mph through a piece of plywood, he has their undivided attention. Josh then inspires others to "drive the distance" in the game of life.
Power, entertainment and golf tricks make your organization stand out and leaves people talking. Drive The Distance Golf Shows create a fantastic opportunity to build relationships, increase your fundraising and give your golfers a day to remember.
Find out how you can book Josh to entertain and teach at your next event! All he needs is a little room, a few golf balls and some people who love to have a great time!
" Wow, it was a fantastic experience having you at our tournament. Our clients continue to thank us for bringing you in. Thank you for making our day the greatest success in the history of our tournament." 
Frank Jefferson, Events Director
Porshe Motors Ltd