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I'm excited that you dropped by to check us out.

The 1st thing you’ll notice around here is that golf is more than just a sport. It’s an experience!
The 2nd thing that stands out is there is no such thing as ordinary. If you’re looking for a traditional "golf clap” type experience you took a wrong virtual turn.
Whether you’re here to learn about hiring me to perform for your event or because you have some special guests you want to treat to an incredible golf experience or because someone told you about a crazy red-headed guy that can do some incredible things with a golf club and ball, I’m glad you’re here.
My goal is to far exceed your expectations and I give a110% effort to do just that! I’ll make you a guarantee – you will see things done with a golf ball that you never thought possible, and you will have a lot of fun.
Enjoy the site and I look forward to meeting you soon!
Swing Hard….just in case you hit it!

Josh Olson




  1. Onechy says:

    It really dedepns on the area. If you live in a big state like Texas or Florida you would get cut right away because their varsity teams are mostly 5 handicap golfers or better and their junior varsity can usually shoot in the high 70s and low 80s. If you work hard and improve your scores it won’t matter because people that can shoot in the 70s will make a team. I live in New Hampshire and this past year I was 5th on my varsity team with an average of about 48 on 9 holes. (This is awful for me or anyone really.) I have only been playing golf for a little over a year and a half and we had a crappy team but this year my average is a 41 (83 on 18 holes) and I am second on the team. I live in a small state so there is not as many stellar golfers as in big states. I suggest you go and try out because if you make it, great. If you don’t make it it isn’t the end of the world because you tried and if you can break 90 you are already better than about half the golfers in the world. Good luck!

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